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The New Off Broadway Musical Comedy Hit!

The Off-Broadway Musical Comedy Hit!

"Off-the-cuff engaging ... they represent what honest-to-goodness real men really are"                               - The Huffington Post

"A commercial success waiting to happen"                - Times Square Chronicles

"This fun, light-hearted night of musical bro humor should not be missed"              

"Enjoyable from start to finish"              
                    - Talkin' Broadway

"Hilarious ... Poignant ... Ingenious"                            - The Miami Herald

"A brilliant comedic performance"                                 - Miami New Times

"Looks like co-creators Louis and Santa Maria have a franchise on their hands"                                                - Stage Scene L.A.

"Light-hearted, glib, undemanding fun.  

                                       I can smell a hit"                               - NightLife Exchange

(a hilarious romp into the minds of men)

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