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Ideal for Summer & Day Camps, Schools, Libraries, Puppet Guilds, Conventions, Puppet Ministries, Theaters & more.

Contact Paul for rates and details at (305) 773-8211 or Email Paul Here!

Paul Louis'
Puppetry Master Class Workshops!

(Will Travel To Your Location)

1. Introduction to Puppetry (can be tailored to any age group)

In this 1 hour long workshop, Professional Puppeteer, Paul Louis, teaches about the many different types of puppets there are, and the wide variety of productions these puppets are used for. He brings a collection of puppets to the workshop to show as examples, from beautiful hand and rod television puppets (ie: Muppet style), to traditional vintage hand puppets (ie: Punch & Judy, Mr. Rogers). Paul also talks about the history of puppets in theater, television and film, and will teach basic puppet maniplation techniques to all workshop attendees.


2. Hand and Rod Puppetry Manipulation (can be tailored to any age group)

In this 2 hour workshop, Professional Puppeteer, Paul Louis, teaches the art of puppet manipulation for hand and rod puppets (ie: Muppet Style Puppets). Partcipants will use actual hand and rod puppets, and learn proper lip sync, proper mouth movement, body language, arm rod usage, character development, walking, dancing, character voices, eye contact and more.


3. Hand and Rod Puppet Manipulation for the Camera (for teens and adults)

In this 4 hour long workshop, Professional Puppeteer, Paul Louis, will teach everything from his hand and rod puppetry manipulation workshop, PLUS, how to perform these same puppets for television and film. Partcipants will work with actual hand and rod puppets, and learn how to perform the puppets in front of the camera, using video cameras, monitors, and scripts. Particpants will learn how to play for the camera, how to work within the video frame, how to exit and enter frame, do partner scene work, and more. Students will also be given a video file of their on-camera work.


"Paul and I started our adventures in puppetry at the same time, so I've always been a fan of his.  Not only is he a wonderful producer/director of puppets, and a fantastic puppeteer, he is a fantastic teacher: supportive, knowledgeable and FUN!  If you have the chance to learn puppetry from him, DO IT!"
… Donna Kimball (Henson Company Puppeteer)


"Paul was essential to my start in puppetry. He taught lip-sync, movement, arm rod technique and more. I’m endlessly grateful to Paul for passing his knowledge on to kids like me and helping make my dreams come true.”
… Bradley Freeman, Jr. (Sesame Street Puppeteer)

(Photos from the 2018 Sesame Puppeteer Workshop)

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